‘We are so grateful for GAFCON’

Speaking to Anglican TV in Ottawa shortly after his investiture on 6th November as Moderator of the Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC), Bishop Charlie Masters emphasized the importance of GAFCON for his Canadian congregations, which are part of the Anglican Church of North America.

His vision is for local churches committed to mission not just locally, but also in global partnership. Although the ANiC has grown from just two congregations to seventy one since it was formed in 2007, he acknowledged that “in general it has been tough” and his priority is to see solid foundations laid for future growth through being a biblically grounded church and “loving children into the kingdom”, remembering the biblical imperative ‘to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children’ (Luke 1:17). Recognizing the encouragement that comes from being part of a worldwide movement he said, “We are so grateful for GAFCON. We want to make connection globally and be part of the global initiative”.

Just over a fortnight previously, Ottawa was making headlines around the world following the killing of a soldier on duty at the national war memorial by a terrorist who then went on to attack the Parliament buildings. While leading prayers for a shocked nation on Parliament Hill, Bishop Masters said he was reminded that when the founding fathers named the country “they called it the Dominion of Canada, based on Psalm 72:8 ‘he shall have dominion from sea to sea…’ and that was speaking about the Lord Jesus, that he has dominion in this country”.  That history, he said, was of great comfort, adding “the darkness is real, but the gospel is glorious”.

Posted November 20, 2014