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GAFCON works to guard and proclaim the unchanging, transforming Gospel through biblically faithful preaching and teaching that frees our churches to make disciples by a clear and certain witness to Jesus Christ in all the world.

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  • Okoh

Archbishop Nicholas Okoh issues a Statement to the Church of Nigeria on the outcomes of Primates 2016

Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, Primate of the Church of Nigeria, shares his reflections on the Canterbury gathering of Primates and subsequent reactions. It is now clear to him that the sanctions agreed by the Primates have done nothing to check TEC's continued rejection of biblical teaching and he is not confident that these measures will be followed through. The need for GAFCON's unswerving commitment to the truth as we have received seems to be needed more than ever.

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  • 1452999526742

Dr Peter Jensen on the future of the Anglican Communion

Peter Jensen speaks with Dominic Steele on the outcomes of the Primates 2016 gathering.

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  • 18 Michael Nazir-Ali edited

Michael Nazir-Ali on the real issue at the Canterbury Primates 2016 Gathering this week

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali talks with the BBC's The World Tonight on 11th January. He sets out very clearly what the Anglican Communion has already agreed and points out the problem facing the Communion is not one of agreement, but one of compliance with what has already been agreed.

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Latest Chairman’s Pastoral Letter

  • photo-castle

Chairman’s Christmas Pastoral Letter 2015

As our Christmas celebrations begin, I pray that familiar words, hymns and customs will by God's grace kindle in our hearts a new sense of wonder and thankfulness for the gift of Emmanuel, God with us.

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Will Christ rule our life and witness through His word, or will our life and witness be conformed to the global ambitions of a secular culture?
Will an acceptance of the supremacy and uniqueness of Christ and the truth of his Word be at the heart of our shared life, or will we pursue a merely institutional togetherness which serves a false gospel?
Will acceptance of the Lordship of Christ cause us to preach the authentic Gospel “in season and out of season”, or will we compromise the truth to avoid opposition from those who want to hear us preach a gospel to “suit their own passions”?